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After a fire event, it is best to hire professional inspectors from the restoration company as soon as possible. They will be able to tell if there is any permanent damage and let you get on with your life again by restoring what they can back towards normality so that you don't have anything holding you back from doing normal activities without worrying about them getting ruined by future fires or smoke damage.

Emergency Response

Our team is quick, responsive and available around the clock. Restoration requests are immediately responded to so that inspection teams can be sent out immediately for an assessment of the site location as soon as possible. Once they outline how much damage has been done and what equipment will need to be used during restoration efforts a fully equipped group of workers with no delay at all!

Professional Staff

We are happy to introduce you to our team of IICRC certified professionals who will work towards restoring your property back to its best. Our staff is well-trained and experienced in the area which ensures that they provide their skills for top quality service.

Restoration Planning

In accordance with international standards, we have finished all of our restoration and cleanup services. This includes evaluating the forms of smoke and construction damage as well as determining if any parts need to be replaced or saved from further destruction. We provide this data in a report that outlines appropriate cleaning methods for owners and insurance companies during reconstruction efforts.

Licensed And Certified Professionals!

At Fire Restaurant Tauranga, we hire specialists with the IICRC certification. This ensures that they use appropriate tools and follow industry standards to remove smoke and fire residues from your building, leaving you confident when it's done.

Our services are completed in accordance with international standards, which includes qualified technicians who evaluate the type of smoke and major damage as well as structural materials that can be saved or will cause complications. We provide this data to owners and insurers so they know suitable cleaning methods for each situation.

Quality Restoration Process!

If you are considering restoring your home, there are many important factors to consider. For example: how many rooms have impacted materials? Which is the best method for cleaning them? Will it require moving personal items out of those areas while they are restored in the needed spots? It's crucial to clean unaffected parts before damage spreads throughout other regions. We're here to help!

The company has made great progress in restoring items damaged by smoke. They are using Ultrasonic Technology to complete an inventory of these priceless pieces and continue restoration efforts beyond repair ability.
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These guys provide excellent service. They are available all hours and do a really thorough and professional job. We've used them twice so far and they have more than delivered each time. Highly recommended.

GRanit Ell

Resident of Auckland

Our Hassle-Free Fire Restoration

Secure Restoration Services

Fires can cause irreparable damage to your property's foundation, causing structural issues. Even if you don't notice any immediate problems when firefighters are putting out fires with high-pressure water hoses, structures might be impacted by their use of flames or hot smoke that could corrode metal surfaces over time; not only do these damages make walls look unsightly but they also reduce the stability and strength in general which makes all components less stable overall because now everything has been weakened due to corrosion caused from exposure of heat/smoke during extinguishing methods used by firefighters at sites where buildings burned down

It is critical that all restoration and refurbishing services are performed in accordance with international standards. This means trained professionals analyze the types of flames, major damage and construction materials present within a space, as well as what can be protected or will require replacement. We provide this data when writing up a plan for an appropriate cleaning method if needed to owners and insurance companies.

Why Choose Us?

With Tauranga's fire restoration professionals, your property will be restored like before! We are diverse in the way we do this and guided throughout. Choose us to be the best decision for several reasons as well!

Professional Staff

We have technicians who are full of skills and expertise as well as possess an IICRC certification.

Modern Technology

Our equipment and machinery is highly up to date and can render the most effective services of damage restoration.

24-7 Emergency Response

Our service team is available 24-7 and never misses their commitment instead reaches on time and gets all the damages restored within no time.

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