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Fire events can be extremely stressful to witness, whether the property being impacted is your residence or office. Once the area has been declared safe, it is vital to bring a specialist in to inspect the condition and start restoration so that life can resume as soon as possible towards normality.

Emergency Response

Our team of customer representatives is highly active and responsive. All restoration requests being made on our website are immediately responded to and an inspection team has been sent to assess the site at the moment. Once the inspection team is done outlining the level of damage as well as the required workers and equipment for restoration, a fully-equipped team of workers is sent to the location without any delay. Also, our services are available 24/7 so you don't need to face any hassles or delays in the restoration.

Professional Staff

We have recruited highly professional staff with detailed knowledge and experience of resolving all flood issues and getting your property restored at its best. Our staff is certified with IICRC and possess all the skills of satisfying our clients both in terms of their property’s restoration as well as the courtesy and professionalism.

Restoration Planning

All restoration and cleanup services are completed in accordance with international standards authorized. This includes our qualified repair professionals to evaluate the forms of smoke and construction damage, as well as the structure and material that can be saved or may need replacement. In accordance with a restoration plan, we provide this data to the owners and insurers, outlining the appropriate cleaning methods.

Licensed And Certified Professionals!

At Fire Restaurant Auckland, our specialists are educated through IICRC, which ensures that they use the right tools and standards to remove smoke and fire residues, allowing you peace of mind ensuring that fire residues are properly and safely removed from the building and salvable contents are saved.

All restoration and cleanup services are finalized in accordance with international standards approved. This includes our qualified repair technicians to evaluate the forms of smoke and major damage, as well as the structure and material that can be saved or will cause complications. In conjunction with the recovery plan, we provide this data to owners and insurers, outlining suitable cleaning methods.

Quality Restoration Process!

We advise you regarding the full scale of the problem. How many materials does smoke or fire have an impact on? What is the proper cleaning method? Will it take relocation of your personal possessions while the house is being restored? Protecting areas that have not been impacted by soot and odor can be crucial in unaffected areas before the damage spreads to other areas. It'll save you money!

We'll complete the inventory of damaged items beyond repair. Ultrasonic Technology Contaminated Site Solutions has made tremendous progress in restoring valuable items which have been damaged by smoke.

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These guys provide excellent service. They are available all hours and do a really thorough and professional job. We've used them twice so far and they have more than delivered each time. Highly recommended.

GRanit Ell

Resident of Auckland

Our Hassle-Free Fire Restoration

Secure Restoration Services

Extremely poisonous soot and smoke properties do dreadful damage to a property's external surface. If the sensitivity to the fire is extended as normal, then walls, floors, carpets and other materials may be extremely and adversely affected. Metals can also be corrosive. The basic tenets of a property can be severely affected by fire, other than the actual damage it creates. If the damage happens to the foundation, it may impact the house, and would be irreparable if not recorded at the correct time. Firefighters can affect the structure with high-pressure water.

All restoration and refurbishing services are performed in accordance with international standards accepted. This necessitates our trained restoration professionals to analyze the types of flames and major damage, as well as the construction and materials that can be protected or will require replacement. In conjunction with a restoration plan, we provide this relevant data to the owners and insurance companies, outlining the suitable cleaning methods.

Why Choose Fire Restoration Auckland?

Due to fire damage and related issues, professionals at Fire Restoration Auckland are always available with their quality services. We will make sure that your property gets restored as it was before the fire. Our team of highly expert professionals will guide and maintain your home in a diversified way. Here are a few more explanations for choosing us.

Professional Staff

We have technicians who are full of skills and expertise as well as possess an IICRC certification.

Modern Technology

Our equipment and machinery is highly up to date and can render the most effective services of damage restoration.

24-7 Emergency Response

Our service team is available 24-7 and never misses their commitment instead reaches on time and gets all the damages restored within no time.

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